As per government regulations, safari bookings for Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve are only accepted via their official website.A biding to the regulation we at Irai Safari Retreat offer two options to our guests.

1. Self Booking2. Assisted Booking*

  1. Guest can book their own safari tickets from the government website by clicking the icon on the right.
  2. Since the booking would be done by the guests, Irai Safari Retreat, has no control over the safari tickets, thus any error in the booking would be entirely guest’s responsibility.
  3. Though tourists are allowed to take in their own vehicles at a small extra cost, open-top safari vehicles are also available at the entry gate.
  1. We can offer you assistance in booking your safari tickets, which we will eventually do from the government website.
  2. We will carefully take down all the required details of your team members and place the booking for you online.
  3. We will also book a safari vehicle for you, which will pick you up from the resort and drop you back after the safari.